Thursday, September 9, 2010

Meet the Polar Bears

Taming the Polar Bears is an account of my struggles with Bipolar Disorder. The title comes from the name of a book, Taming Bipolar, which when typing into another online forum I'd misread and mis-typed - in a very foggy state of mind common in some mood episodes - as "taming the polar bear". Readers picked up on that and so it became the catch phrase for my journey of understanding this disorder and the ongoing struggles of treatment and recovery.

"Polar Bears" then represent manic and depressive states along with mixed states - Depressive Bear for depressive states, Manic Bear for mania and Mixed Bear for mixed states.  To tame the Polar Bears is to tame the states and thus tame the illness.

This blog will serve primarily as a space for me to write, as it seems through writing I am best able to examine my past and present while trying to build hope for a future. It serves as well as a valuable log of my moods and where I'm at mentally, something that's very valuable in the fight against this illness. I hope as well that any readers that follow along can gain insight or perhaps, if they comment, give me insight and feedback.

If you are reading this, I thank you and welcome you to my journey.


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