Monday, November 18, 2013



  1. I suspect that not only those who suffer from mental illness but all of us need to learn to transcend our illusions in order to be able to truly understand and accept what is.

  2. Absolutely, Jim. Thanks so much for reading along.

  3. Great article +Brad Esau.

    Find out that life itself is an illusion and understanding what that truly means is an overwhelming feeling. The repetitive mantra of "Why bother, nothing really matters!" stuck with me until I decided it would be much better if I went to sleep... I did and woke up in hospital. It took a long while to get back into the real world because my mind could not tell the difference between the illusion and the reality.

    That "something" in the brain, was well and truly broken!

    It is mended but still broken, just not as bad. The illusion of purpose? Yep! That's all it is... an illusion.

    Oh and BTW, I have a painting from the same artist in my living room!